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Acoustic Design Projects : Research, Planning, Design & Execution References: 

10   /   11  /   2019

Acoustic Design Projects : Research, Planning, Design & Execution

1- Marşandiz Stüdyosu Levent Korukent - Recording Studio                                        

Studio B          SSL                  4048                    
Studio A          SSL                  4040                  

Electro Acoustic Design Consulting 

3-Erekli Tunç Stüdyoları Levent - Recording Studio
SSL                  4040                    
Electro Acoustic Design Consulting 

4-İmaj İstanbul Esentepe  - Studio Complex                                           
Studio A,B,C and D Equipment Consulting  

5-Quintet Özel Ses Kayıt Stüdyosu Emirgan - Recording Studio            
Acoustic Design

6-Özel Recording Studio Taksim              
Acoustic design

7-Özel Ses Kayıt Studio Arnavutköy 
Acoustic Design

8-SAE İstanbul  / BAU Bahçeşehir University Media Education Facilities
Stüdyo A                      
Neve Genesis                
Stüdyo B Icon                         
Stüdyo C Tascam M4500      
Stüdyo D Tascam M3200
Class rooms, offices, auxiliary spaces                                               

Total concept & acoustic design and execution. 

9-Zic Zac Studios
Tascam M3500    
Acoustic Design 

10 - İstanbul Saint Joseph Lisesi
Stüdyo A                                                     
Rehearsal Studios                                        
Acoustic Design & Execution 

11- Opus Müzik Maslak Özel Sound Recording Studio 

Acoustic Design 

12 - Simya Müzik / Dozer Stüdyo Özel Sound Recording Studio 

Acoustic Design 

13- Sinefekt İstabul Ortaköy - Post Production Complex
Acoustic Design 

14-New Sinefekt İstanbul Ortaköy - Post Production Complex
Stüdyo A Stüdyo B Stüdyo C
Acoustic Design 

15- Silkar Holding Bayrampaşa İstanbul - Office
Acoustic Design 

16- VOLKSWAGEN ARENA İstanbul - Large Format Hall
5800 People Capacity Amplified Music Hall

Acoustic Design Consultant together with Peutz 

17- Emsey Hospial                                                             
Machine Room Sound Isolation                          
Acoustic Design 

18- İstanbul Municipality Merter Building 

Traffic Control Center Control Room, Voice Over Room and Radio Studio  

Acoustic Design Consulting 

19-Hürriyet Medya Center 

A- Web Stüdio, B- 300 People Conference Room, 11 Executive Meeting Rooms. 

Acoustic Design 

20-MNG SHOP TV Istanbul
Studio Doors Acoustic Design Consulting 

21-Turkmall – Maslak
1200 Seats Concert Hall         
Rough Construction Acoustic Design Consulting 

22-Başakşehir Municipality Living-Lab Media Center
3  Control Rooms , 1 Web TV Studio, 

5.1 Mix room, 3D Animation Studio, Offices and Auxiliary Spaces 

Concept Design, Equipment Design and Acoustic Design 

23- Kalamış Personal Sound Recording Studio for Film

Concept Design and Acoustic Design

24 -Yeditepe Üniversitesi
Sound Recording Studio, Control Room and 2 Studios  

Concept, Equipment and Acoustic Design

25- Coop – Beyoğlu
300 People Capacity Event Space 

Concept, Equipment and Acoustic Design

26- Göztepe Özel Etüt Stüdyosu

Concept, Equipment and Acoustic Design

27- Watergarden Ataşehir - Pool Shopping Centre
Electro Acoustic Design, 4500m2 pool and entertainment space 

28- DOROCK  - Istanbul Rock Club 1200m2
Acoustic Design 

29- The Badau  - Istanbul Jazz Club 430 m2
Acoustic & Electro Acoustic & Light Design

30 Kepler Club Hotel - Sound design, Sound Masking and Acoustics Sabiha Gökçen Airport Istanbul 

Acoustic & Electro Acoustic & Sound Masking Design

31 Cihat Aşkın Ensemble Live  

Electro Acoustic & Light Design. Line Management 

32- VOLKSWAGEN ARENA İstanbul Basketbol Opsiyonu
5800 People Capacity Amplified Music Hall to Basketball Arena Adaptation Consulting  

33 - İstanbul Saint Joseph Lisesi
Large and medium courtyard electro acoustic system design        

34 -Kağıthane Premium Ofis
Machine Rooms / HVAC sound isolation design.        

35- Tabanlıoğlu - Sculpture Beloved - Art Installation Multimedia Design - London

36- Hale Tenger - Under - Art Installation - Multimedia Design - Dubai

37- Hale Tenger - Cappadox - Multimedia Design

38- Hale Tenger - Istanbul Bienale 2019 Sound Design 

39- Hale Tenger - Pera Museum Crystal Clear - Acoustic Design - Quadrophonic Sound Design and Music Creation

40- Dorock Taksim Metal Event Hall 

41- Kursun Spatial - Dolby Approved Atmos Music Studio

42- Safehouse - Studio Maslak Dolby Approved Atmos Music Studio

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