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About Hakan Kursun 

Hakan was born in Germany. 1981 they moved to Istanbul. During high school he performed with the bands Aqua, Norm, Othergate and CCH.
In 1988 he moved to Vienna to study German philology and Audio Engineering were he founded the Band Red Hasret. In 1991 he moved to Warsaw where he worked with well known artists as a composer, arranger, musician, engineer and producer.
  There he started to work with global music companies. During this period he performed concerts and recordings together with the artist Kayah. In 1996 he released his first solo album Kaos in Istanbul. The video of his song Bogazin Ustunde was broadcasted by international music channels. The album is known as one of the best psychedelic rock recordings in Turkey. HK performed all instruments by himself. In 2004 he released his 2. Solo Album named Kutle “ Mass”. Kutle is accepted by his listeners as a timeless recording. Recently he released his 3. Album Kuark. Hakan Kursun designed music for sculptures of Ahmet Oran and sound designs for Hale Tenger.  His work Pearl Bracelet music for districts was exhibited in Istanbul and Amsterdam. 


He was a contracted producer for Zic Zac and İzabelin Studio / Universal Poland, Solid State Logic Agent for Turkey, board member of MSG composers association in Turkey, Managing Director of EMI TR , founders representative of SAE TR. 


Since 2012 Hakan Kursun is representing the world class acoustic consulting company PEUTZ in Turkey. Their references also include the spectacular sound of  the VW Arena Istanbul.

He is teaching music production and current issues of the music industry at the Istanbul Bilgi University. Further he is holding a academic position at the Istanbul Teknik University music research centre for post graduate students. His courses are music business, music marketing and production analysis.

Critics describe Hakan Kursun as a milestone in Turkish Independent music.



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Hakan Kurşun

"Music is not happening because of luck or coincidences. It is a pure and clear language made by those who need to translate their emotions."

Work & Memberships:

MUYAP: Music Producers Association.

MSG : Music Composers Association  President of the Science and Technology Board 


Turkish Ministry of Culture : Registered Music Producer


Bilgi University Music Department : Teacher & Academic Member


Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Advisory Board Member


İstanbul Technical University MIAM Music Research Center:

Acamdemic Member 



Partner Site: www.peutz-tr.com