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During a HD TC surround sound practice at the TRT Ankara Arı Studious. Simulation of a ping pong match with national team members. One INA 5 set and other microphones placed in the room. 

Corporate Eucation

-Exclusive Program Design

-Business Development

-Work Flow Optimisation

-Digital Signal Processing

-Content Aesthetics

-Sound & Applications 


Clients & References 

TRT Turkish Radio and Television - Education Department

- Surround Sound for HD broadcast

- Digital signal processing

- HD TV  Sound 

- Radio Broadcast - Music Production - Multitrack Recording & Mixing

- Psychoacoustics and Sound Aesthetics Conference with Prof.Dr. İbrahim Hızalan, Prof.Dr.      Can Karadoğan and Hakan Kurşun. Produced by Pb Müzik Ltd for TRT. 

  Since 2012 

Ministry of Justice - Forensic Medicine - Digital Derpartment  

- Digital signal processing

- Human Voice Sound Analysis 

   Since 2015

Application Design 

- Digital signal processing

- Recording Aesthetics 

- Sound & Music Content Related Design

Multi Channel Network MCN Companies - Youtube

- Digital signal processing

- Recording Aesthetics 

- Sound Design Program 

OMAN National Radio

- Digital signal processing

- Work flow optimisation

Digital Audio Processing Certificate in cooperation with İstanbul Technical Üniverstity education center.

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